Leven Technology

Aluminium Trim and Interior Accessories

  Steering Column Stalks        
  Replaces black plastic controls with specially designed Aluminium ones.

  • Adds a equality feel to the switch action and improves look of controls.
  • Precision machined from solid aluminium bar and finished by hand to match existing bezels and controls.
  • Specially processed to give a durable finish that will not leave black marks.
  • Steering column lever smaller than the original and matches the stalk design.
  • Wiper delay knob and steering wheel boss screws completes the steering column transformation.
  • Supplied with full instructions and all tools needed. Easy to fit with no dismantling of the car required.

SCS 1 - Griffith/Chimaera all models. 2 x Stalk set    
SCS 2 - Griffith/Chimaera all models. Complete column set. 2 x stalks, column adjustment lever, wiper delay knob & steering wheel screws.    
SCS 3 - Steering wheel screws -
standard boss
SCL 1 - Steering column adjustment lever    
  Windscreen Air Vents        
  Replaces original black plastic items with durable anodised solid aluminium vents.
  • Greatly improves a highly visible area.
  • Finished to match existing instruments and controls.
  • Easy to fit, full instructions provided, no modification required to the car.
WAV 1 - Set of 7 - Chimaera, Griffith & S-Type, all models.    
WAV 2 - Set of 9 - Wedges, later models with 9 vents    
  Window Switches        
  Unique Aluminium window switches to match the other switches and controls
  • Manufactured in 2 parts to completely cover the existing plastic switches
  • Supplied in pairs with full instructions and adhesive to fit.
WSC 1 - pair of switch covers
Fits Griffith 400/4.3 window switches and Griffith heater controls. (2 pairs required). Griffith 500 and Chimaera window switches
  Handbrake Handles        
  Distinctive shapes and finishes to match the gear knob and make the centre console ‘all aluminium’.
  • Ergonomically designed style to fit all hand sizes.
  • Precision machined from solid aluminium bar, hand finished and anodised to prevent black marks, supplied with matching aluminium release button for comfort.
  • Quick and easy to fit, instructions and all necessary tools included.
  • No modifications required to the car.
HBH 4 - Shaped - All models    
HBH 4BLK - Anodised Black finish    
  Dash Buttons        
  Adds a ëmore metal/less plasticí look to the dashboard
  • Replacement caps designed specifically to match the style of the instruments.
  • Fits onto all existing switches wherever black push buttons are used.
  • Precision machined from a solid aluminium bar. with positive finger location shape.
  • The 'lighter' colour makes the buttons easier to find especially at night.
  • Quick and easy to fit, no need to dismantle dashboard.
DB 3 - 3 Button set - Early Chimaera with black buttons for lights.    
DB 5 - 5 Button set - Griffith 500 with illuminated Hazard switch.    
DB 6 - 6 Button set - Early Griffith with non-illuminated Hazard switch.    
  Blower Switch Knob        
  A quick simple change for the black knob on S-type, Chimaera and Griffith
  • A specially designed and finished aluminium knob to complement the existing controls.
  • Two choices of finish to match the existing style of instrument bezels.
  • Very quick and easy to fit with double-sided tape supplied
  • Both versions fit black Vauxhall rotary switch eg S-Type, Early Griffith Heater controls & Early Chimaera
BSK 1 - Satin aluminium finish    
  Aluminium Ashtrays        
  A smart way to finish off the ashtrays in aluminium whilst fully retaining use.
  • Fitted as a complete replacement for black plastic original ashtrays.
  • Manufactured from solid aluminium and finished to prevent marking in use.
  • Fit all Griffith,Chimaera & Cerbera models
AAT 1F - Aluminum Ash Tray - Face & Surround (single) Assembled    
AAT 2F - Aluminum Ash Tray - Face & Surround (Pair) Assembled    

  Stainless Steel Pedals        
  For improved driver ëfeelí, ideal for road use, a must for track days.
  • Racing style pedals with a larger curved surface for easier use/comfort.
  • Design allows for pedal relative positions to be adjusted.
  • Normal adjustment range for pedal distance retained (longer version improves reach).
  • Easy to fit, full instructions provided.
SSP 5 Griffith/Chimaera/Cerbera (1993 onwards) - 3 complete pedals and fully adjustable throttle arm.    
SSP 6 Griffith/Chimaera/Cerbera (1993 onwards) - 3 Extra long reach pedals for shorter drivers and fully adjustable throttle arm.    
  Oil Filler Caps        
  Replace the orange or black plastic one

  • Precision machined from solid aluminium
  • Logo is machined in to the surface.
  • Hand polished to a bright finish
  • Easier to undo than original equipment versions.
  • Official Factory logo on OFC 5, 6 & 7
  • Supplied with new o-ring seal
  • OFC replaces the orange cap (Rover engine).
  • OFC 6 replaces the later black/yellow cap. (Rover engine).
  • OFC 7 fits AJP 8 only.
OFC 5 - TVR Logo - Griffith/Chimaera/V8S/Wedge    
OFC 6 - TVR Logo - Griffith/Chimaera    
OFC 7 - TVR Logo -
  Petrol Filler Caps        
  Replaces the standard cap with a smart easy to use Aluminium version
  • Internal and external design makes the cap much easier to fit and remove, especially on the Tuscan.
  • Precision machined from a solid aluminium bar and hand polished to with a traditional mirror finish.
  • Flange serves to keep fingers off the bodywork and cover the filler neck.
  • No modification required to the car, fits straight on.
  • The Black metal cap is replaced by the PC 1. This covers all cars up to Griffith/Chimaera approx. February 1998. All Cerbera models regardless of age use this cap.
  • The Plastic cap is replaced by the PC 3. This covers the later Griffith/Chimaera and all Tuscan and Tamora .
PC 1 - Petrol Cap    
PC 3 - Petrol Cap    
  Dash Air Vents        
  A smart finishing trim to the plastic vents
  • An aluminium trim that fits onto the existing driver/passenger air vents
  • Finished to match other Leven accessories.
  • Simple and easy to fit, no dismantling of the car required.
DAV 1 - Griffith 500 (only) set of 3    
  Engine Caps        
  For improved appearance and easier removal
  • Designed primarily for the Tuscan.
  • Introduced in 2002 with a new improved version for 2003
  • Machined from solid aluminium, polished and ready to fit.
  • Made to look like a set but with individual text and international symbols
    for the functions.
  • While not only looking good the water cap is much easier to remove than the plastic original.
  • Simple and easy to fit, no dismantling of the car required.
  • The water and power steering caps will also fit other models.
EOC 1 - Engine oil reservoir    
EWC 1 - Engine water cap    
EPC 1 - Power steering reservoir    
ETC 1 - Cap set for Tuscan (all 3)    
  Engine Cooling Kit        
  Simple, automatic and effective way to prevent overheating in traffic
  • Prevents excessive heat build up especially in traffic.
  • Helps reduce ‘heat soak’ when the engine is turned off.
  • Fully automatic, no changes to the car wiring.
  • Helps keep the interior cooler.
  • Kit contains replacement thermostat and otter switch with lower operating parameters (and water Wetter)
  • Cooling system efficiency improved by the ‘Water wetter’
ECK 1 - Engine Cooling Kit - Theromstat/Otter Switch/Water Wetter    
ECK 2 - Engine Cooling Kit - Theromstat & Otter Switch    
ECK 3 - Engine Cooling Kit - Water Wetter    
  Gear Knob        
  Cobra shaped and specifically designed specifically for TVR’s
  • Angled head designed to take into account the transmission tunnel height.
  • Shaped to allow ‘palming’ for quick, precise gear changes.
  • Machined from solid aluminium and anodised for durability
  • Finished to match the other Leven accessories.
  • Gear gate pattern (both Rover and T5) marking.
  • Matching new collar to lock in place (GK 1 only).
  • No modifications required to the car or tools need to fit.
GK 2 - Gear Knob (and collar) Griffith/Chimaera/Cerbera    
GK 1 - Gear Knob (only) Tuscan & Tamora    
  Griffith Heater Controls        

Aluminium knobs that shows the settings

  • New design that clearly shows where the control is set to.
  • Eliminates the need to turn ‘off’ to reset.
  • Design is both visual and can be ‘felt’ in the dark.
  • Finished to match Leven Window Switch Covers and other accessories.
  • Easy to fit with tool supplied, no dismantling required.
  • Does not obstruct or effect the LED indicators
GHC 1 - Griffith Heater Controls Griffith 500 only set of 4    
  Stainless Steel Heel Plate        
  Compliments the pedals for both appearance and function
  • Specially machined plate to replace the plastic heal patch.
  • Will not deteriorate, rust, dent or split.
  • The surface has a smooth pattern machined in to surface (not cut right through) making them easy to clean and not sharp.
  • Plate holds carpet flat and a permanent flat surface makes a better surface for both road use and track days.
  • Supplied ready to fix to the carpet
  • Pattern matches the Leven metal pedals.
SHP 1 - Stainless Steel Heel Plate